Jam and Jerusalem

His Nibs is away at the moment, attending the sort of partners’ conference where NOT attending is a very unwise move….hence my arrival at the village quiz. Not my village as it happens, but something the County Council defines as an ‘unviable hamlet’, apparently, a few miles from here on the edge of the marsh. Seemed pretty viable to me, as our all girl team (the Trollopes) squeezed onto the last remaining card table in the village shack, wedged between the Windy Millers and the Bream Catchers. There were several other teams, but for reasons that may become clear, their names escape me. Sorry, guys.  Anyway, the Trollope team of four included two high powered  barristers, a landscape architect and me. They let me hold the pen. Our mistake might have been to finish the first bottle of wine before the second round, I think. The quiz master managed a whole bottle to herself, which slowed the proceedings down a bit, as did the Scout leader’s game of  ‘find the card’ which would have been a bit quicker if he hadn’t kept putting the ones he’d called out back to the bottom of the pile. Tombola highlights included a packet of green tea which nobody wanted to win, and a triple pack of male thongs which were snatched away by a ruddy faced farmer before the astonished gaze of the vicar. Any initial confidence that our chick-lit team was going to win evaporated when one of the girls answered ‘name a Fell animal used for trekking’ with ‘sheep’. A brilliant evening, through which we laughed, and laughed. The evening wound up with a quick fire debate on broadband,  beacons and bunting, and an argument about the date of the Jubilee party. The republican chair of the Parish Council is organising the beacon herself. Unviable? Maybe not….


About aga sagas

Married to His Nibs for a long time now. A sense of humour helps.
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2 Responses to Jam and Jerusalem

  1. Yippee! One of my favourite bloggers is back. I ♥ that post and can’t wait for the next.

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