Information overload

What on earth possessed some halfwit in the marketing department of my credit card provider to add to the destruction of the rain forests by sending me an ‘annual credit card summary statement’?

Receiving this particular piece of information in what is laughingly called the morning post has proved more than a little disturbing to Marital Harmony.

‘Total of all Transactions’. In twelve months? Are you kidding? Admittedly, it then goes on to list a whole series of very pleasing  zeros for such categories as Annual fees, Default Charges, Interest Paid and so on, but quite frankly they pale into insignificance alongside the headline figure. If Osborne would like to give me an award for massaging the Retail Sales figures, then he might need to hurry up, as I have a feeling my stock is about to plunge elsewhere.

HN has now declared his intention to implement Austerity Measures and achieve a significant reduction in the Budget Deficit. He also intends to congratulate the said halfwit on his initiative in contributing such an enlightening piece of information to the stony fields of Household Maintenance. 

He even suggests that there are certain columns missing which would make the form even more enlightening:

Stuff She Has Bought and Used

Stuff She Has Bought and Concealed

Sales and Bargain expenditure

Shoes, clothing (Womens)

Shoes, clothing (Mens)

Items that any normal person would be happy to live without

Wine (as a subset of necessary expenditure on food he likes)

and so on. You get the drift. 

You know what? I absolutely HATE over helpful customer service, don’t you?Image


About aga sagas

Married to His Nibs for a long time now. A sense of humour helps.
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2 Responses to Information overload

  1. What a fabulous post – made me laugh out loud. And feel very relieved that my card provider doesn,t send one. And if they did, I open all the post 🙂

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