His Nibs was supposed to be cooking supper…

…despite the fact that in twenty-five years he has never learned to cook. Apparently tonight was the night. It may have something to do with the rosé wine I found earlier. Heigh Ho.

Anyway, I swear to God this is a verbatim transcript of the conversation just now:

The study door opens with a bang..

HN – I genuinely haven’t got a bloody clue when it comes to sprinkling bits of stuff on tuna steak. What stuff am I supposed to be sprinkling? Eh? And what am I supposed to be doing with asparagus? What DO you do with asparagus?

(Long suffering wife puts dressed tuna in oven and water on to boil).

HN – Boiling water?? BOILING water??? Heston says you fry it in butter..or something…

LSW – The dog is whining. She needs to be let out.

HN – I can’t let the dog out, for God’s sake! I’m in charge of cooking!! Heston says…

LSW – Tuna will be ten minutes. The dog will be two. You can take the dog out first.

HN – Not in this pinny, I can’t.


About aga sagas

Married to His Nibs for a long time now. A sense of humour helps.
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