Family wisdom and collected thoughts

The advantages of education Part II

Ed – Natural History Museum: they’ve got WW1 and WW2 stuff, right?

Me – No, that’s the Imperial war Museum

Ed – Oh. Well they’ve got mummies, right? That’s natural!

Me – No, that’s the British Museum

Ed – There’s a hell of a lot of museums, then

Family holidays

According to DD, family holidays begin like this:

(exit taxi at airport with harmonious smiles)

Me – where’re the trollies; FGS get a trolley

-Where’s the desk? Where’s the DESK? FGS Ed, keep with us, you’ll get lost

– Christ; why is this queue so SLOW?

-Why aren’t we in that queue?

_She’s going deliberately slow FGS

-I need my tablet

-I need to take my tablet now. With coffee.

-Yes, with bloody coffee, OK? Christ…

etc etc

I’m living in a madhouse

The children have been home from school and uni (for the holidays) for all of half an hour. So far, supper has consisted of one child on the sick jokes website, one snot in handkerchief competition that degenerated into a wrestling match, and an intellectual debate that included the following:

 History A level student 1 thinks Hitler was a Socialist but that’s ok as she “isn’t doing him”

Durham uni student wants to know ‘what the shit is about this Bede bloke’ because he thinks maybe he should know…..and the dyslexic 9 year old has been taught the funny way to spell THIS….

 only three weeks to go…. (April 2012)


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